Chapter 1 – The Beginning of Great Misadventures

“At last , starting my much awaited journey. . . of healing fellow beings, and capturing the skies. . . “

Once upon a time in Delhi, a batch of 56 students were etched in history as the pioneer batch of ACMS(Army College of medical Sciences), whether they want it there or not, is a completely different story.

Any guy or girl, irrespective of the different cultures and opinions about various issues will definitely share one opinion, that all ‘fauji’s’ are plain weird.they are basically a bunch of jolly fellows who get misunderstood from time to time either of their own acts or someone else’s . The universe somehow finds a way to fuck around with them , just to have a good time compared to other professions,a classical example being regular postings in places unheard of to the average joe, or the classical habit of drinking in the afternoon. The list is unending of course.

One of the ACMSians , Adil was very peculiar in his attitude , he claimed to be “high on life”, if someone questioned about him being a teetotaler. His adventures and misadventures form the core of the following posts.

As far as Adil’s story goes, the army faculty plans to make doctors out of ACMSians.

Every college goer has a story to tell, some are exaggerated , heart breaking, some even jaw breaking and some just don’t make any sense but are still good for a read. Adil’s life is a mixture of all the above and many more incidents which can be described only by use of politically incorrect language. The stories become more hilarious and disastrous when you join two words  together – Medicine & Army.

Dreams will be realised, some will even claim to have found the meaning of life!!!. Hearts and rules will be broken and along side many such great incidents, lessons will be learnt and doctors will be born.



11 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – The Beginning of Great Misadventures

  1. Yes Anubhav, a very interesting start and a very new and different approach and style for a book. Keep it up.
    Are you working at the next chapter?

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