Chapter 3 – The Gate Jumping Ecstasy


By the end of first month, the glamour and heroism associated with becoming doctors had faded, all thanks to the mundane lectures. Academics are trying to bring us down and lead a nerd’s life, and many of my comrades had already given up their arms.

On the personal front, i am still in the hope that my school crush is ‘the one’ and will someday start going out with me. I know it’s never gonna happen, but am still hoping for a miracle. To add to my interesting life, one of my friends from school, Mehak, is my batch mate. I mention Mehak at this point, as our friendship will go through many filmy twists and turns and of course many screw-ups, which are bound to happen, as it’s my story.

My friends include characters like, Harsh the flyboy, Durgesh the diplomat, Aarav the Jat, Tarun the chicken and many more. The true variety of Homo sapiens is on display in the hostel. The characters range from being unbelievably sadistic to hilarious. Girls from our batch are busy trying to attain academic nirvana, and the faculty encourages them, as they are well aware that studies are one of the few tools they have to keep all of us sober. Sometimes i do wonder , whether mugging up big ass books is a pre requisite to becoming good doctors or just an added advantage. And what are doctors ‘The Wounded  Healers ‘, as called by Erich Segal in ‘Doctors’,  made of.

Post dinner, I and my buddies usually goof around, talk, come up with new philosophies which can justify that momentary lapse of reason, when we decided to choose medicine,  finally take an oath every night to start studying from the next and call it a day. Everyone hangs around in Durgesh’s room, and we are thinking of renaming it as the boys’ recreation room (Rec Room), we gather there to discuss pressing issues of the day i.e. gossip. Yes, boys do gossip, everyone does, only the extent, the content and how openly they admit the fact, differs. Harsh is lost and far from reality, the way he usually is, when Jat thought aloud  ‘yaar, how awesome would it be to be out in the night? ’. All I can think about is, how the walls of the hostel be jumped?

From bribing the guards, copying keys of the main door lock and simply walking out, leaving early and coming back late, weird ideas were swarming my head. The only idea which appealed to my testosterone was that of jumping the walls, because I believed that smart methods and oversmart moves might work sometimes, but cliche’s always do. With no unannounced time standard to beat, I thought that it would be best to do it the classical way, the Modus Operandi, I had no idea of.

After carrying out recce of the hostel complex, talking to people who were working in the hostel complex, i realized that the core problem was reaching the wall as the open area between the hostel and the boundary wall was manned by hostel guards. Just outside the residential building, in front, lay the abandoned porta cabins and a cemented building, on the right flank was the common boundary wall with the commandant’s house and on the left, more porta cabins in horse shoe arrangement.  Across these obstacles lay ‘The Wall’, standing tall at 10 ft. My 10ft to freedom.

On a completely different note, my romantic interest , Piya  finally gave me a ‘no go’, and she wanted us to be ‘just friends’ – the 2 dreaded words, no sane guy wants to hear.It can actually be an objective test of sanity, food for thought for budding psychiatrists. I guess that is what most girls wish for, when a friend falls for her. Being in a new place with a new ‘life’ is actually helping me not to react like a heartbroken loser.

Our warden, an AFMCite and ex- warden of AFMC, is a short-tempered and judgmental officer. The 2 good things about him are his classy wardrobe and the fact that he just knows how and when to use those classy one-liners. Col Gyan does try to make our hostel life quite interesting by trying to inculcate discipline into us and making us do things his way but we usually end up doing just the opposite.

Some great philosopher once said ‘Dog is a man’s best friend’, i had read about it, heard about it and argued it, with my colleagues who are dog lovers, but never truly believed it, till today.

I think I was discussing the whereabouts of our classmates and about are ‘not so happening ‘ college days, with Mehak over the phone, when a stray dog  passed through a small semicircular opening in the typical ‘holed ‘ MES wall behind our rooms. It just clicked, the walls being made by MES were not even strong enough  to be described as walls, I and Harsh made the opening a tad bigger by taking a few bricks off at night, big enough for us to crawl out, and small enough to pass off as ‘just another hole’ by a bystander. I, Harsh, Aarav and Durgesh took the first step towards freedom, first ‘crawl’ to be very specific. What we did not expect were stray dogs barking the moment we were out. It must have taken at least 2 minutes to shut them up. The guard was awake by then, awake, but in a stupor. I had told all of them to wear black, to give some sort of camouflage. We made a run for the wall, I and Jat helped Harsh and durgesh to jump, I was the last one out.

The feeling of being unhinged, and being all by myself gave me a unparalleled high.



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