Chapter 5 – The First Year Paradox

“Necessity is the mother of all invention” a phrase widely used in geek parlance to make an achievement sound melodramatic, humble and straight out of an Oscar speech, couldn’t explain the kind of incidents occurring in the hostel lately, but Boredom does. Just imagine a college where the faculty members outnumber the total number of students studying in the college, no juniors , no seniors, and wardens who treated us like mature men (hardly) or children (often) or mentally incapable (most of the times), depending upon his personal life’s giving’s ,misgivings and his BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).At this stage in my life, I thought that being a mail sorter(voted the most boring job in 2008) was a better career choice than becoming a doctor.

I, Harsh and other likeminded guys started coming up with innovative ideas to keep ourselves and the entire batch busy and entertained. Parvesh, Our very own free thinker (Read ‘too free to be socially acceptable’) came up with the idea of having an orientation session amongst the boys and girls. Being the adrenaline and testosterone pumped species, we were all too eager to get a chance to interact with the fairer sex, and as we all would realize later, this interaction would be the only time when we believed that the girls of our batch also wanted to have a life beyond books. The session started, crashed before it took off, as the girls were standing facing the boys and in the words of a  primary school teacher –“Pin drop silence” was being observed. To get the session spiced up, Parvesh came to our rescue and told the guys to ‘propose’ a girl, after taking due permission. Adhering to the definition of a good sport, many of us ended up blushing before asking the hand of the lady we had a puppy crush on. In the midst of all this newly found ‘josh’ , One thing went unnoticed by others , maybe by ourselves too. I and Jatin asked out the same girl – Mehak .

As my social life was entering a phase which can be aptly described as ‘The silence before the screw-ups start’, Our College was also entering a similar phase. Many civvies were seen loitering around the college campus trying to find out if admissions were still open for students as the college was running under-capacity. All of us, being true patriots used to arrogantly answer them back “this college is meant for army wards”.The year when the college started taking admissions, only 36 Students were admitted, 64 vacancies were still vacant. On High Court’s orders, the college admitted 21 students from General category. All of us saw this as an opportunity of getting some good times ahead as more students were joining . Also, from a technical perspective, we were a month senior, so  ragging the newcomers before welcoming them as one of our own, was on our ‘to-do’ list. 2 of them, Nikhil (initially) and Sameer, emerged as wolf pack leaders. Nikhil would end up as one of the best guitarists we have had till date, Sameer & I would face the ultimate social paradox.

For any medical student in any corner of the world, first year is supposed to be the toughest year, owing to its humungous syllabus and skill set which is to be acquired for carrying on to the next year. But, amidst the boredom arising out of lack of peers, The ever so ill-timed cupid messing around with me again and the gut feeling that something big is on the cards, academics wasn’t on my priority list, at least for now. A paradox for sure.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – The First Year Paradox

  1. Anubhav, I found all your blog posts mesmerizing ! Really good piece of work! I also had fun reading them, especially the luck with the ‘fairer sex’. I had few giggles. Looking forward for more. This is getting interesting to know more about your journey so far.

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